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15. februar 2023

16. februar 2023

The world of building automation speaks BACnet

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BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) is a communication protocol specifically designed for building automation applications. Since the first issue in the year 1995 BACnet has become a world-wide standard and is continuously maintained and updated in the ASHRAE committee SSPC-135.

BACnet becomes more and more important in private and public buildings. Connecting devices from different manufacturers requires a precise specification though.

This training course is specifically directed to all parties involved in planning and specifying buildings. It is also important to system integrators to understand the requirements.  In this course you will learn the basic elements: Networks, Objects and Services and the advanced functionality areas alarming, scheduling and trend-logging. Furthermore you learn how to specify BACnet in tenders to get the best possible interoperability. Network Security using the latest approach BACnet/SC will be introduced as well.

The instructor, Frank Schubert from Beckhoff Automation, also represents BACnet Europe. Schubert has been involved in the development of the standard since 1997, and has experience with the implementation of several large installations in Central Europe.

Building automation designers use BACnet for connecting multiple devices and systems to implement sophisticated energy management, occupant comfort, and building security applications. They also use it to integrate information and control for multiple building systems into a single graphical user interface. The use of BACnet in building automation simplifies operations. It can also reduces training, streamlines maintenance, offers flexibility, and allows for backward compatible extensions and cross-functional add-ons.

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