T-PUR® for POLY-NORM® fra KTR Systems Norge AS

21. januar 2025

Along with the development of the new POLY-NORM® sizes 200 to 280, special double tooth segments made of T-PUR® were developed making use of the particular stability of this new material. A total of five new series for rated torques from 19.000 Nm to 67.000 Nm are available. The maximum permissible bore diameters of the biggest coupling are up to 285 mm. The T-PUR® tooth segments for the big POLY-NORM® couplings have a hardness of 84 Sh A and are designed in blue for a better identification. They are available for all five new sizes of POLY-NORM®. Like with ROTEX®, the benefits of T-PUR® are analoguous with POLY-NORM®: a bigger temperature range, a long service life and excellent damping characteristics over a long period. In this way both coupling types offer the design engineers of drives and the users in general engineering, plant engineering and vehicle construction a unique and even bigger benefit.

KTR Systems Norge AS

KTR Systems Norge AS
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Ørnulf Gaarder
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