RADEX®-NC dk fra KTR Systems Norge AS

31. desember 2025

Product characteristics
Double cardanic design
Compensates axial, angular and parallel misalignmet
Aluminium clamping hubs
Disc packs made from stainless spring steel
Aluminium spacer
Explosion protection rated and confirmed acc. to EG Directive 94/9/EG

Coupling description
The RADEX®-NC is a line particularly developed for the servo technology. In this coupling a package of torsionally rigid steel laminae that are soft in bending ensures a reliable compensation for axial, angular and radial shaft displacements. As all-metal coupling - the laminae are made from stainless steel - the RADEX®-NC can even be used with high temperatures (up to 200 °C) and under aggressive ambient conditions. The RADEX®-NC is manufactured in 6 sizes from size 5 to 35 for max. torques of up to 200 Nm.

The hubs are frictionally engaged clamping hubs made from aluminium (size 42 made from steel) and are thus backlash-free even in a reversing drive.

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KTR Systems Norge AS

KTR Systems Norge AS
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